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Searching for a Johannesburg therapist?

Welcome to therapy today. I am Herman Holtzhausen, a Johannesburg therapist. I offer Therapy in my Rooms, Online Therapy and how to ‘Learn mindfulness in Johannesburg’. Contact me on 0832525239 for your first session.

Your therapy starts the moment you decide to contact me. Disclaimer: Please note that I am not an emergency service and do not guarantee an appointment on the first day of your making contact. In this regard please refer to my Terms & Conditions.


If you’re looking to find a Johannesburg therapist that can assist you in growing through a discomfort, crisis or trauma into fresh opportunities, I hope the information here will assist you in making a choice that is good for you. It is important that you find a therapist who is just right for you – let’s talk and see. It may be me or it may not. The important thing is that you feel relaxed, free, comfortable and confident to use this time to your advantage.

I am a registered therapist (Category 5, specialist level. Number A016/13) working with adolescents, adults, couples and families. In my practice you’re the expert of your life. I listen and co-create narratives with you that lead to the outcomes you prefer.


As a Johannesburg therapist my rooms in Auckland Park are close to the M1 Empire Rd turn-off giving quick access to the North, South, East and West of Johannesburg. Emmarentia, Melville, Northcliff, Parkhurst, Parktown, Parkview, Randburg, Rosebank, Sandton, Victory Park, the University of Johannesburg and Wits are all close to me. Appointments only please.

If you can’t get to me, don’t feel like the drive or require anonimity, I offer online therapy as an alternative. You’re welcome to try it out.

Fields of specialisation

Some of the reasons you may seek therapy.

  • Addiction: an undesirable habit or debilitating pattern.
  • Anxiety: performance specific or generally about your world, our world.
  • Changes: the end of a relationship or the beginning of a new one; a new-born baby, illness, death of a loved one or you own dying process, leaving school, college or university, changing courses or careers, midlife, children leaving home and old age.
  • Decisions: how to make a decision with far reaching consequences.
  • Depression: chronic fatigue or down-heartedness, repetitive negative patterns and thoughts.
  • Dissatisfaction: a sense that you want more from life; that you can be more, give more.
  • Relationships: unhappiness, feelings of being stuck.
  • Self knowledge: a desire to know and understand yourself better.
  • Stress: at school, work or home that is detrimental to your well being. How to change this dynamic.
  • Trauma: working through a traumatic event and its effects on your life.

Johannesburg therapist

My approach to therapy

Naturally your needs determine my approach. I find working with systemic approaches very helpful to individuals and families and am enthusiastic about narrative therapy and mindfulness based approaches in therapy. I am passionate about narrative therapy because it focuses on positive outcomes with a point of departure that you are not the problem – the problem is the problem. We only stand in relationship to our problems. The stories that lodge, sustain and grow the problem in our lives are the narratives we work on. This approach is uniquely non-pathologising. I have been teaching mindfulness and other contemplative practices since 1997. Mindfulness based therapy integrates my therapy and mindfulness practices.

My objective of therapy is

to assist you in creating an alternative narrative to the current problematic one that’ll lead to a fresh look at the past, a more comfortable present and a desireable future.

After all is said our success will depend on the therapeutic relationship we foster between us. Let’s meet and see if it works.

Please feel free to contact me to explore therapy.